Planning Travel with Dogs


Abby in the woods

When we set off on round-the-world adventure in September 2009, we didn't have much in the way of plans.  We had a plane ticket into Australia and a few locations mapped out but, for the most part, we didn't worry too much.  We booked hostels last minute and flights with days to spare.  On more than one occasion, we scored last minute tour deals when the tours needed two people to fill empty spots.  That was then.

Now, as we get ready to head to Europe in less than 60 (!) days, I've been planning like crazy.  I know exactly where we are going and staying for the first four months of our trip.  I have researched ferries, trains, and overland transportation extensively.  I've probably put 80 to 100 hours of time into figuring out what we are going to be doing over the next year.

Why the difference?  Chewy and Abby, of course.  Planning travel with pets is much more . . . shall we say challenging to avoid any foul-mouthed asterisks . . . than without them.  Some of these challenges include:

Entering England from the United States

In order to take the dogs to Europe, we started preparing their vaccinations and paperwork over eight months ago.  We have been to the vet over four times in the last six months to ensure that all of the paperwork is properly filled out.  And, three days ago, I found out that all of our paperwork needs to be printed in BLUE ink rather than BLACK ink so I had to go back to my vet yesterday to have him re-sign their rabies vaccination certification.  It's been a headache to say the least.  (I'm going to do a full post on this whole process at a later point once we've got the entire thing completely finalized.)

European itinerary

Our planned route

DEFRA vs. Schengen

Once we enter Europe, we run into other difficulties.  The Schengen agreement is a pact between 25 primarily western European countries which allows free borderless entry into those countries.  Unfortunately, American passport holders may only stay in the Schengen zone for 90 days at a time and then we have to leave the Schengen area for an additional 90 days before returning.  Most backpackers in Europe solve this problem by heading to the UK (which is not in the Schengen zone), eastern Europe, northern Africa, or the Middle East to avoid the Schengen issues.

We don't have all those options because Chewy and Abby have their own visa limitations.  Under the UK's DEFRA guidelines which we must follow because we need to reenter the UK in order to take our cruise back to the United States, Chewy and Abby can only visit certain countries listed in the DEFRA documentation.  If they go outside that list, they will be placed in quarantine for six months.  We certainly aren't going to let that happen.

The problem: the DEFRA approved list and the Schengen zone list almost identically mirror each other.  There are only six countries that are on the DEFRA list and not in the Schengen zone: the UK, Ireland, Croatia, Bosnia, Bulgaria, and Romania.  So, our plan is to land in the UK, spend one month in England, 3 months in the Schengen zone, 3 months in Croatia and Bosnia, 3 months in the Schengen zone, and 3 months in the UK and Ireland.  But, we have to be very careful not to drive through any of the non-DEFRA approved countries (such as Serbia or Montenegro).

Abby and Chewy at a forest

Walking with the dogs


Most people who travel through Europe use public transportation, including the popular train system.  We aren't going to be using much public transportation because many of the trains don't allow dogs.  (Though, actually, the British Rail Network allows dogs on all their trains as long as they are on a leash.)  We also decided that it might be a bit difficult to manage our luggage and the dogs using only public transportation.

So, we're shipping our car over to Europe.  We considered renting a car for the entire 13 months but the price was an astronomical $20,000 USD (including insurance), for which price we could have bought a new car.  Shipping our car will run us around $5,000 for the year (including insurance).  But, man, figuring out how to ship a car to Europe is quite a headache.  We're *almost* at the end of the process because we're driving our car to the Charleston Port on Friday to send it on its way. 

And, the car also has country restrictions.  In general, tourists are allowed to ship a car and keep them in the European Union for 6 months without paying any taxes or duties, as long as you do not plan to dispose of the car in the EU.  In order for us to keep the car in the EU for 13 months, I had to make a special request to the government.  (Lots more info on all of this later, I promise, once we have everything finalized.)

Occasionally, we are going to need to use ferries, such as when we travel from England to Spain, so I have also spent a great deal of time researching the pet-friendly ferry options.  Some are truly awful and one requires your dog to stay in the car for 7-8 hours at a time, while others are really pet-friendly such as the one we're taking that even has pet-friendly cabins.

Chewy with burger

Not for Chewy

Pet Food

Chewy has a tendency to get a bit chubby so about three years ago, we switched him to a high-protein, no-grain diet, with the pet food Wellness CORE.  Wellness CORE worked wonders for Chewy --- in a year, he was down from a hefty 51 pounds to a sleek 38.  His reduced weight has improved his arthritis and degenerative joint disease and most people are surprised to hear that he's ten years old because he romps about like he's half that age.  (Knock on wood.) 

But, Wellness CORE is not sold in Europe.  Darn.  Originally, we considered just bringing several large bags of it from the U.S. to the EU and storing it in a cargo top container, but England has strict restrictions on the amount of meat products, including dog food, that can enter the country.  An individual may only bring 2 kg of any meat product into the country, so that option was out.

Then, we started researching alternatives and found Orijen, another natural foods brand that is high-protein and no-grain.  Unfortunately, Orijen does not have a weight-maintenance variety but we're hoping that the weight will stay off with it.  It looks like Orijen is widely available in all of the countries that we'll be traveling in.

(And, if you're wondering about Abby, Abby likes us to change her food brand every month, so I have a feeling that she will be ecstatic with all the new options in Europe.)

Pet-friendly Accommodation

I've been stalking HomeAway, Homelidays, and VRBO for the last month to find accommodations that meet all of our requirements.  When Patrick and I travel by ourselves, we require that our accommodation be:

  • clean
  • in a safe area
  • and with fast WiFi

For Europe, we want places that:

  • accept two medium-sized dogs (not an easy condition to find)
  • have a small garden/yard or is located near a park
  • is on the ground floor (or has a lift)
  • is in a convenient and safe location so we can return during the day and check on them
  • is clean
  • has good WiFi (though we're willing to let this one go and use our MiFi instead)
  • has a garage or nearby place where we can park our car

As you can imagine, it's been harder to find places to stay in Europe.  And, though many hotels and vacation rentals are pet-friendly, we don't feel that we can just arrive in a town and hope to find a pet-friendly motel.  (In the U.S., it's a bit easier because certain chains such as Holiday Inn and Red Roof Inn are all pet-friendly.  Some of the expensive chains in Europe always accept pets but there is usually a small dog size limitation which doesn't work for us.)

BUT . . . .

I keep telling myself that despite all of these annoyances, complications, and hassles, it is all going to be worth it to see Europe with our babies.  54 days before we head to England!

06/02/2011 02:05
That is some serious dedication you're showing to your dogs! I am really amazed by it :)
06/06/2011 16:31
They deserve it for putting up with our craziness, right?
Akila's recent blog post: Planning Travel with Dogs
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06/02/2011 06:34
In Ios (Greece), "Far Out Beach Club" is dog friendly. I know, because there was an older couple camping near my dorm with 2 doggies. You can even take your dogs into the bar/restaurant. Everyones cool with it.
Ian [EagerExistence]'s recent blog post: First Impressions of Turkey
06/06/2011 16:33
Ian - Thanks so much for the tip! If we make it to Greece, we'll definitely have to check it out.
Akila's recent blog post: Planning Travel with Dogs
06/02/2011 16:20
Wow... so many details to keep track of! The quarantine issue is scary - one accidental stop-over or mix-up and the pups are whisked away for months. That is a huge incentive to have everything thoroughly figured out ahead of time.
Christy @ Technosyncratic's recent blog post: Photo Essay: The Oregon Coast
06/06/2011 16:34
Exactly! We figure that it's a bit of a hassle now but not having them in quarantine means that it's something we MUST figure out beforehand. And, to be honest, there are advantages to planning out our trip, too, like getting good deals and organizing ourselves better so that we get the best accommodations.
Akila's recent blog post: Planning Travel with Dogs
06/11/2011 16:03
Excellent post - I've often wondered whether I should consider taking my Beowulf on a long trip... living in France near the Swiss border means I'm spoiled - we can take dogs into restaurants, on public transport - pretty much anywhere other than the supermarket. You'll see dogs in malls, departments stores, beaches - pretty much everywhere. Still, your post makes it seem at least possible, so thank you!
Leyla's recent blog post: Volunteering Abroad As A Woman
06/30/2011 12:46
I think it's worth doing - as long as you're up for some planning! We've found that we tend to relax a lot more when we have our dogs with us while traveling because we get treated like "locals" and take more time to just walk around and explore neighborhoods and cafes. We do less things but we enjoy more of the city. I love that in France you can take dogs pretty much anywhere - we can't wait to visit the country for that reason! :)
Akila's recent blog post: waffle house south africa
07/28/2011 19:46
Really, really, love the design of the new site!
I don't envy your planning of this trip, but I'm sure it's going to be fantastic!
Kristina's recent blog post: My 7 links~ A Look Back
09/05/2011 08:42
Thanks so much Kristina! We love our designer - Lauren at Designer Blogs is fantastic! :)
08/12/2011 08:43

I really enjoyed this blog post, I'd never appreciated the level of effort our international customers must go through in order to travel with their dogs. The sheer amount of research and preparation needed makes it very prohibitive, which is a real shame. I wonder if its becoming any easier or more difficult over time?

It also makes me wonder how many people are aware of all of these regulations and the "games" you have to play to fit within the rules.

A great and very useful blog post.

08/16/2011 19:46
Wow! I am fascinated and will be your newest follower! We travel in an RV with our two bichons...but we have not yet ventured outside of the US. I look forward to reading all about your adventures!! I commend your dedication to your furkids!! Jeanne with Chloe and LadyBug
09/05/2011 08:39
Jeanne, thanks so much! We're loving traveling in Europe with our dogs so far . . . and RVing might just be on our list of things to try. :)
Akila's recent blog post: biltmore festival of flowers
09/07/2011 13:26
Akila, we're bypassing England entirely because of their dog policy. I did have my dog's blood test done for Ireland in case we decide to head there as a Schengen out from anywhere in NW Europe. That was expensive (more than $300 for the blood test, which had to be couriered from Vancouver to a gov't lab in the US), and I don't even know if we'll need it. We encountered no problems driving from Italy (through Serbia & Bulgaria) to Turkey.
Renee (ramblecrunch)'s recent blog post: Exploring Istanbul — The S?leymaniye Mosque, in photos
09/27/2011 15:45
Ah ha! So that's how you're doing it. Now, I get it. And, if you drive through Serbia and Bulgaria, then you are still in the EU. I wish we had been able to bypass England simply because of the issues --- but, hopefully, things will be better post-January 2012 when the new DEFRA rules take effect.
Akila's recent blog post: lions wake
12/28/2011 05:39
Ah! I'm so excited that I found your site tonight and I think that I have read through everything already. I am planning a trip to Europe (mainly England and France) for at least 12 months, leaving in 2-4 months timeframe, along with my Chihuahua Henry. Obviously, traveling with a little guy is much easier but still complicated (no air routes into the UK permit in-cabin pets!). I am super intrigued about the Queen Mary 2 crossing (I wasn't even aware it was an option) but at this point, it sounds like its too late to get a reservation with the high demand. (At least I have already determined that I have the option of flying Henry into France in-cabin and then doing a ferry or chunnel crossing to England.) At first, I was thinking of spending my time in cities and using public transportation due to Henry's size, but it is still so difficult traveling with him and the luggage, especially as a single! So now, I am leaning doing what you are doing and staying more rural and being car based. I am eagerly awaiting your post on how you managed to ship your car (and get it insured!).
01/05/2012 11:20
Susan, How wonderful! And what a wonderful wonderful trip.

I hope that you won't feel like I'm bombarding you with information, but here goes on some posts and things to read:

On shipping a car to Europe and car insurance:

On bringing your dog by plane to Europe (by a friend's site):

On the QM2, I would suggest calling them because, right now, people have to pay their final fees for the trips that are three months from now and we were told that some people cancel their trips about two months before. One of the women on our trip booked only 50 days before our journey. So give them a call - it can't hurt!

Now, if you are flying into Paris and then taking the Eurotunnel up, you will need to have a car to take the tunnel. Unfortunately, the Eurorail doesn't allow dogs. And I'm not sure if the ferries allow dogs if you're a foot passenger.

Either way, if you're flying into Paris, check out who has a lot of fantastic information about traveling with pets in Paris. (She also does in-depth review of airport pet areas which is super handy for pet owners.) This is also a great resource on pets in Paris:

About the city versus country issue, England is absolutely beautiful. The countryside is just stunning with tons of gardens, amazing walks, and beautiful castles. Dogs are welcome at pubs in the country most accommodations are pet-friendly. That being said, it's quite cold and gloomy most of the year and we've noticed that Chewy's arthritis is especially bad here, so if your dog suffers in the cold weather (and I know that many chihuahuas do), that might be a reason to avoid England in the winter. If you are in the English countryside, you will absolutely need a car. We're in London right now, though, and we're staying in Greenwich, a bit outside the main city center. Tons of great parks, lots of dogs, and there's free off-street parking. It takes about an hour to get into the center city but we don't go in every single day.

France's countryside is also stunning and we've loved the time we spent there. Dogs are an integral part of the culture there and they're accepted pretty much everywhere. I would also strongly encourage spending time in Italy. The Italians love their dogs and it's a very very pet-friendly country. We found the same to be true in Spain. The place we stayed in Madrid was right across from two off-leash dog parks and our dogs got so many pets and loves when we took them to Parc Guell in Barcelona. I'm going to be very shortly writing a post about the Brittany Ferries cruise from England to Spain which actually has pet-friendly cabins - very comfortable and nice (though a bit pricey)!

Let me know if you have more questions as you go along because we know lots and lots about traveling in Europe with pets now!
01/05/2012 15:49
Akila, you are so awesome! A lot of information is my kind of style. (PS, I'm a lawyer too so I think it's in our nature.) In the few days before your response, I did locate your posts on car shipping and have done a lot of legwork on it myself. I'm leaning strongly toward taking my car (the only hesitation that I have is that if I can find a job in London, I would like to relocate there permanently if possible...I'm blessed with dual US/Ireland citizenship through my lovely Dublin-born mother so I have no immigration/work visa issues...but then I'm stuck with a car that is not the best for a left-driving country.) I've actually gotten a couple of quotes from other auto shippers willing to work with me so it will be interesting to see if I use another company besides Schumacher what my experience is like. I also located the Dog Jaunt website and it is great. Will check out your friend's site now too. Finally, I also called Cunard and they indicated that there is a waiting list 8-9 deep for most of the May/June/July sailings but encouraged me to get on waiting list for August or later. Even though I intend to fly over myself without Henry for a little while to do some traveling to east Europe, that is probably a little late for me. I will see though and maybe put in a reservation for a May crossing just in case. There could be a lot of people who don't want it because they made alternative plans. Even though Henry is a good airplane traveler and I could get to Paris easily from East Coast, the idea of the QM2 is appealing to me for some reason. For not that much more than a flight, I could get a vacation out of it with good meals AND bring as much luggage as I want!
01/05/2012 15:54
Oh, and one more thing. I have gone to town on my researching a variety of issues related to this adventure since my situation is somewhat different (I have EU citizenship, I may end up there longer than you, I have medical issues that need monitoring, etc.) and I needed to verify a lot of different things so I did a lot of primary research (which your research was invaluable to point the way to). If you haven't done it already, I even looked into and summarized all the requirements for bringing your pets back into the US as well as US customs issues upon the return. Let me know if you want any of it and I can send it to you.
09/15/2013 10:10
Pat G
Hi, I am a US/EU citizen also, and am bringing my dog over to Malta from California next month. I'm jumping through all the hoops, but am stumped about the pet passport, since the US doesn't have a pet passport scheme. How did you deal with this? I appreciate ANY help and advice. Thanks! Pat
09/20/2013 18:02
The pet passport means nothing for travel from the US to Europe. It's only issued by European vets. If you are just going to one country in Europe, you just need the paperwork you are bringing with you (the Health Certificate and EU form). Technically, you can also travel within the EU on those forms for a limited period of time, but if you want to, you can go to a vet in Malta when you arrive and have them issue a pet passport to make intra-Europe travel smoother. I was in Europe for 6 months and so I went to a French vet a week after I arrived and had a pet passport issued for my dog. Then it was super easy to travel to England later. Message me here if you have questions. I also have all the rules and paperwork summarized and give you my samples. (I'm going to leave the email up for only a few days and then take it down for privacy).
09/23/2013 01:23
Pat G
Thanks so much Susan! After several tries, I finally got a straight answer from the Maltese authorities re the 'passport number', ie that it isn't necessary as long as Health Cert and EU form are in order. We'll also go to the vet soon after to get an EU passport.
12/19/2014 11:17
Susan, did you travel w the pet passport from the US to England later? I am moving to the Czech Republic, my dog was there w me before for three years and he has a pet passport. Unbelievably, we got a kennel spot on the QM2 and Cunard says I only need the pet passport. I just want to make sure, bc those EU Health Forms are so difficult to time it right. He will get the tapeworm test in NY just before we ship off! :) I just wanted to see if it was easy for you to enter England w the Pet Passport from the US. THanks!!!-Amy
02/16/2015 22:39
Susan Krause
Hi Amy, I actually haven't returned to Europe yet since my dog had his pet passport issued, although I am planning to return in a few months. I had his rabies vaccination updated recently and I did ask them to sign the pet passport just in case. But I will probably be too nervous to use nothing other than the pet passport on an airline that didn't tell me it was sufficient (I will have to look into it). So I guess i would do the EU form/health certificate again, even though it is a pain in the neck since I would never trust a customer service person on the phone for an airline. But since the QM2 is telling you it's sufficient and they are used to transporting pets, I would trust them. To be honest, there doesn't seem any reason it shouldn't work since there have to be Europeans who bring their dogs with them to the US and return on the pet passport, right? Did you go yet? Did you use just the pet passport?

PS, after going through all the paperwork the last time and the anxiety that it would be okay, the French authorties NEVER EVEN LOOKED AT THE PAPERWORK at Paris Orly airport. I couldn't believe it.
02/17/2015 01:21
Hi Susan, I have arrived and all went well! I just used the pet passport and it was a breeze. They had a special person come onto the boat and up to the kennel and to check all the papers. I understand feeling nervous about using it with the airlines, but maybe you could call someone else there who knows or call someone in the customs department. Or if you flew on a European airline that might help. The first time I flew with my dog I called the airlines about 20 times and got a lot of different answers for different things! It's difficult. I know what you mean about having all that anxiety and then the authorities never check it! Happened to me when I flew to Prague last time around. They glanced at it. It seemed more difficult to get onto the airplane than off!! :) It's always nerve-wracking!! Good luck!

(Oh, here's a tip?I gave chocolates to the flight crew and captain with a photo of my dog on it telling them they are carrying precious cargo. I just wanted the captain to be more aware because he can check the temperature of the room the dogs are in. Because I did that, they were very nice to me and told me what the temperature was. (They were astonished actually, that someone thought of them, and the captain said in his 25 years of flying he's never had anything like that happen. It's nice to be nice! lol) That's really all they can do, which is a bummer, but the only way around flying is the QM2. It was amazing and no stress for my dog?.there needs to be more options for us dog lovers!
08/30/2012 06:07
If you ever come to Duesseldorf, Germany, I will gladly help you with anything you need.
04/27/2013 05:35
Hi there, I live in Switzerland and am planning to travel to Montenegro with my pet Oreo (a border collie mix). Do you think I'll have problems re-entering Switzerland because of the quarentine issue when I come back with him?

Thanks for the advise!
05/22/2013 13:02
Aimee, Since Montenegro is not an EU member state, your dog will need all of the appropriate rabies vaccinations and the 21 day time period before entering the EU. See this document:

Hope that helps!
08/05/2013 13:33
Hey there,

It's so refreshing to hear that others travel with their pets! My partner and I will be heading to Slovenia first (we can easily do the work/travel thing) & after three months we plan to go to Portugal. I know the are a lot of restrictions via train & bus, so we were considering to rent a car & drive across. Has anyone found this less of a hassle?
08/07/2013 17:21
We rented a car and drove through Europe and found it to be an easy way to get around with our dogs, especially since some of the trains don't allow dogs at all. I think driving should be pretty easy or, since it's such a huge distance, you might consider flying with them.
08/10/2013 14:07
Ann Speirs
Hi, We live in UK and would like to take our dog down the Dalmation Coast however from what you say above we cannot travel in Serbia or Montenegro. The other countries we could go into are Albania and Macedonia, these don't appear on the Defra list so, sounds like we can't go there. How did your trip go and did you have any problems. Many thanks. Ann Speirs
07/27/2014 03:55
Maria Paula
Hi everyone! I am from Colombia and I am doing my internshipt in Brussels Belgium, but as you guys I have a dog. My Bruno is a Siberian Husky, he is a bog boy and as I will be living here for a year I wanted to so some trips with him. Any recomended places to camp? Or pet friendly hostels? Thank you very much! ( the requirements for traveling from a third country with my boy where even more difficult to fulfill but we finally get everything done)
05/29/2015 12:52
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05/29/2015 16:25
Hi all. I spotted the QM2 comment and just checked. The 'restriction' is that you have to take a hotel room on board but the main stumbling block is pet size - max weight is 12kg / 25lbs! We're in Sydney currently but planning a European Road trip next year with our Lab, Ziggy. Very exciting but a logistical challenge too :-) For anyone heading to Australia, the laws here have changed recently and the quarantine hurdle is still high but for a much shorter period if you comply.
12/19/2015 21:10
I will be going to Portugal for 6 months end of May 2016. I am taking my 11 year old Jack Russell with me, and will be departing from LAX, USA, travelling with a EU & USA PPT. Going this way would be just as time consuming as going eastward, but I could fly nonstop from LAX to LON, but that is a problem isn't? I was considering a flight to Moscow,(cheap fare) stay a few days there and then go on to Madrid, getting then a flight to LIS. I have plans of travelling within Europe, but I have friends and family that can take care of Milu in LIS while I am away. What do you guys think about the Moscow option, or is there maybe a better one I wonder? Also, does anyone know if my dog can get into museums and buses while in Portugal? Thanks so much...
02/05/2016 08:15
So glad I found your website. My partner and I are Canadians who flew our dog to Malaga, Spain from Montreal, Canada in October 2015 (the only direct flight at the time into Spain from Canada). We live in the south of Spain and travel around the country. At the beginning of December we rescued a local pup and added to our family. Your travels are an inspiration for us, and a great source of knowledge as we are about to visit Madrid. We have found Spain to be incredibly dog-friendly. The four of us will fly back to Canada at the end of April 2016 and then return to Spain in October 2016. Looking forward to seeing more of Europe with the pooches the next time we're back. Thank you for your posts!
02/05/2016 08:15
So glad I found your website. My partner and I are Canadians who flew our dog to Malaga, Spain from Montreal, Canada in October 2015 (the only direct flight at the time into Spain from Canada). We live in the south of Spain and travel around the country. At the beginning of December we rescued a local pup and added to our family. Your travels are an inspiration for us, and a great source of knowledge as we are about to visit Madrid. We have found Spain to be incredibly dog-friendly. The four of us will fly back to Canada at the end of April 2016 and then return to Spain in October 2016. Looking forward to seeing more of Europe with the pooches the next time we're back. Thank you for your posts!
02/21/2016 23:26
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