Pet-Friendly Rome: Apartment and Parks

Rome Piazza Navona

Piazza Navona

Ah, Rome . . . magical, wonderful, impossible to hate.  This was one of the cities we were most excited about traveling with Chewy and Abby because we knew that Rome is an incredibly pet-friendly city.  And, yes, it was!

Rome apartment

Rome apartment Rome apartment
Rome apartment Rome apartment

Roman Nest Apartment

We LOVED our Rome apartment.  This gorgeous and spacious two bedroom and two bath apartment included a small kitchen, blazing fast Internet (a rarity in Italy), and a lovely small private garden which was perfect for early morning dog necessities and for us to eat lunch on sunny afternoons.  Surprisingly, there is free street parking right in front of the house so we were able to park our car for the entire stay and used the car to take the dogs to the park every morning (more on the park below.)

To get to the major tourist sites, we took the bus directly across the road from the apartment.  During peak hours, we usually didn't have to wait for the bus for more than five minutes and we were at Piazza Navona and Campo de Fiori within 15 minutes.  In non-peak hours, the bus was not very frequent so keep that in mind when planning your schedule.  The house is a 10 minute walk to Vatican City or you can take the bus and be there in less than 5 minutes.  The metro is down the hill to the right hand side (a bit tricky to find the first time) but very convenient to get to the Colosseum and other major sites on the Metro line. 

Lastly, Maria and her husband were wonderful hosts and made us feel so welcome in our apartment.  They were so excited to meet the dogs and pet them and we absolutely loved staying at their place.  We highly, highly recommend this house as an excellent pet-friendly (and human-friendly) option in Rome.



Chewy at Villa Doria Pamphilj

Us at the Villa Doria Pamphilj Chewy at Villa Doria Pamphilj
Abby at Villa Doria Pamphilj Water fountain at Villa Doria Pamphilj
Chewy at Villa Doria Pamphilj

Villa Doria Pamphilj

Villa Doria Pamphilj, the largest park in Rome, is a short five minute drive from our Rome apartment and we took the dogs out there every morning for a walk in the beautiful greenspace.  Villa Doria Pamphilj is a dog haven and Chewy and Abby met many, many Roman dogs while we were there.  The only negative about this park is that parking can be a bit tough.  There is one small parking lot at the southern entrance of the park and street parking, but the street is VERY busy so be careful when taking your dogs to this park.

Dog parking

Dog parking in front of a Roman grocery store

A note on general attitudes toward dogs in Rome

Romans love dogs.  Like much of western Europe, dogs are allowed inside the Metro (though not on escalators), in many apartment rentals and hotels, and inside many restaurants.  We found "dog parking" stations across Rome where people parked their dog while shopping inside a non-pet-friendly store. 

However, all this being said, Rome is not a particularly easy city to navigate with dogs, in part because it is so big and bustling and, unlike Barcelona and Madrid, there aren't many neighborhood parks.  Most dogs do their business on the street which can make for some tricky maneuvering (always watch those shoes!) though most locals have a car which they use to bring their dogs to Villa Doria Pamphilj or the Villa Borghese.

As in other parts of Italy, dogs are usually kept off-leash in parks.  If you plan to walk with your dog off-leash, I recommend keeping them on tight voice control because Roman parks and piazzas tend to be busy all day long.

Unfortunately, we didn't have much time in Rome so we weren't able to take Chewy and Abby to visit the Colosseum or any of the other big attractions but we definitely want to take them back with us to beautiful Rome!

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05/31/2012 06:48
Hi! I just found your site. We're living in Italy and wanted to start taking our dog with us on trips. I'm so happy to see first-hand tales of your experiences! Can't wait to read more!
jessica lynn's recent blog post: Amalfi Coast, Italy (sneak peek)
07/05/2012 08:29
Jessica, Thanks! We've been very busy the last few months so I haven't had much of a chance to update this site I've got so much good info about traveling in Europe with pets. Italy's such a pet-friendly place, isn't it?
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07/26/2012 08:38
Are you still updating this site? I am so interested how everything was in Turkey, how was Germany and France, and some places you stayed. I ask because I will be schlepping .mh dog to southwestern Germany soon. Plus, I like reading about traveling with dogs. Keep it up if you have time. Cheers.
09/02/2012 15:34
Colina, Thanks for your question. We are still updating the site but the last few months have been crazy busy and I haven't had the chance to focus on this site as much as I would like. Turkey actually turned out to be relatively pet-friendly, actually, and I wrote a bit about it on our other site here:

I'll be writing more about our experiences in Turkey and in France sometime this fall. Thanks for asking!
03/29/2016 00:24
Germany and Austria are ridiiiculously dog-friendly... You can take 'em pretty much anywhere, including indoor restaurants and public transportation and a lotta tourist sites. Honestly, their attitude towards doggies is one of the reasons I'm gunning to move there! I'm from New York City, which is pretty dog-friendly, but it constantly pisses me off I can't take her into restaurants or grocery stores or on the subway. The one hilarious thing about Germany/Austria was that the ONE place you can't bring 'em is public parks!! But they're not fenced anyway, so it's not like they could romp safely off-leash.

Questions about Rome (and Italy in general)...
- Do the street dogs ever mess with respectful, fixed, leashed critters?
- Does anyone have any experience regarding the procuring of special-diet dog food? My baby-girl can't have chicken or beef and is on a limited-ingredient "kangaroo" cuisine... Does Italy have Petco-like supply stores with specialty foods and the like?
08/26/2015 06:13
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10/22/2015 11:07
Your accommodation was really nice, you were lucky to find a two bedroom and two bath apartment so close to the city center. Was there an air jet tub in one of the bathrooms? If there was, it surely helped you relax after a full day of visiting Rome.
12/03/2015 07:01
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